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Looking for new hiking boots

Not only have I worn them walking up hill to class,timberland kids boots but I have put countless miles hiking in the Adirondacks in NY, Green Mountains in VT, White Mountains in NH, desert hills in Baja California and snowy treks in Utah. Plus I have worn them 4-wheeling, mountain biking and fishing (ankle-deep submerged for extended periods of time), all without ever having a problem or wishing I had a different pair mens timberland boots!

Men's Classic 3-Eye Lug Handsewn-Black

Last year my parents' and grandparents' houses flooded, and I spent hundreds of hours working in the water, mud, sand, you name it, carrying refrigerators, washer/dryers, kitchen sinks, etc. out of their houses. I never had a leak or rolled an anke, or even felt sore in my feet. They have fabulous support, padded ankles, durable natural leather, and are incredibly lightweight. What more could you need in a cheap timberland boots??!!

Men's Classic 3-Eye Lug Handsewn-Wheat

I often go out looking for new hiking timberland boots store, thinking that a more technical pair would suit my outdoor activities. But after almost 5 years of wearing them, I could not be happier and just bought my second pair. I can't wait to see where they take me!